Saturday, May 12, 2007

Warm and fuzzy

My friend Julie tagged me, and I have to write about ten things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Here it goes:

1- Old salsa music from the 70's. I know, it probably doesn't make sense to you. But every time I catch some old salsa tune by Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Ruben Blades or Fania All-Stars, it takes me back to my childhood, and makes me feel so alive and so, I don't know, Puerto Rican.

2- Waking up and seeing baby Isa in bed, all snuggly and warm in the mornings.

3- The times when Paula and I have fun together and do not fight.

4- My cat Lola when she is all loving and purry, trying to rub against you or meowing for you to pet her.

5- Hugging my mom and catching her scent, which is so familiar and comfortable.

6- Getting a hug from Gabe and feeling his arms enveloping me and keeping me safe.

7- Warm, sunny, breezy days remind me of home and make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

8- Getting my hair brushed.

9- The sound and smell of the ocean.

10- My girls' laughter.

OK, so now I am asking the following friends to write about the 5 things they find most funny.


So consider yourselves tagged, ladies!

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  1. Oooh I love the sound of the ocean!!!! Great post Ingrid!