Thursday, June 14, 2007


This week I saw the official coining of a new term, at least on the Internet that is accessible by search engine: DisneyRican, by my compatriotas at the Corillo Gainesviliano blog.

What is a DisneyRican? It is term used to identify the contingent of Puerto Ricans that have migrated from the island to the Orlando, Florida area, and their descendants. In recent years, Florida has increasingly become the main destination for Puerto Ricans leaving the island. I don't know how long it will take for DisneyRican to become a common term (as Nuyorican before it), but if you ask me I think the time is now.

The DisneyRican term got me thinking. How many Texaricans are out there? I would love to know. And for the record, the term Texarican is not of my own invention. I have seen it out there, which makes me think that there are probably more of us than I imagine.


  1. What Up!!!! I was born in Amarillo Air Force Base im of Puerto Rican parents. Texarican!!!