Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Getting ready to go home

It has been a melancholic day. I have not been able to shake this sadness. Sad news have affected me more than would be normal. Some of the fellow bloggers I like to read are going through challenging times, and today that has touched me strongly. I read one post that brought tears to my eyes. I have walked in the same shoes as that blogger before, years ago.

Is my depression resurfacing? Is this a chemical sadness? I will have to watch myself carefully the next few days.

Or maybe I have reasons to be sad and just don't make the connection. Amanda said at lunch that it could be Paula's absence affecting. It's been a little over a month already. I miss her so.

I am going home. I will probably post again later tonight. Top Chef is on today, so I am looking forward to that at least.


  1. Oh Ingrid, I'm sorry you are feeling down. I hope you enjoyed having lunch with Amanda today. When will Paula return?

  2. I'm sorry you're down, Ingrid. That is such a hard feeling to shake, especially when one of your babies isn't with you. Hugs to you, my friend.

  3. Hola. te quiero decir que yo soy de PR y cuando muera quiero que tiren mis cenizas en Texas... soy de Bayamon, y vaquero

  4. Ingrid - I am sorry to hear things aren't great with you right now. I agree with Amanda that perhaps missing Paula is upsetting you - maybe more than you had realized?

    Take care of yourself, sweet mama. Hugs, hugs, and hugs.

  5. hugsss, Ingrid. I think the return of your daughter will bring the sunshine back into your spirit.