Friday, June 20, 2008


I am in a better mood today. It's a sunny day, a bit hot, but nice and bright. I am working from home and I can hear birds chirping outside my window. It's Friday and I am taking three days off next week, so I have a long recess from work ahead of me. Also, I dealt with my finances, and that has taken a lot of the anxiety off.

I finally sat down and paid a few pending bills (those that are not set up for automatic draft). Of five, two were past due by a day or two, which was completely unnecessary and totally avoidable had I gotten my act together earlier and stopped burying my head in the sand .

After paying bills and balancing my account, my irrational fear of being destitute has abated. I am not swimming in money, but I am not completely broke either. There is money for gas and food, and maybe to watch a movie this weekend (if there's anything good on).


  1. Just relax. Your plans in the comments of the previous post sound absolutely perfect!!

  2. Enjoy your time off, Ingrid. {{hug}}