Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend post

I am trying to put some order in the house. This is difficult for me to do. I tend to jump from task to task without ever finishing anything. It's always easier to come up with the idea and start the project than it is to follow it through to the end. Any bump on the road, any sudden distraction, any unexpected dilemma can derail me.

But I am plugging along this weekend. My project is to make Isabel's room livable, and in the process banish toys from our living room. We had the girl's doll house in a corner of the living room, and some toys stored in boxes on the shelves. Naturally, there is always a mess of toys on the floor, and I am tired. I want a grownup space, or at least something that resembles a grownup space. So that is what I have been working on during the weekend. It will probably take me longer than the usual person, but eventually I will get there.


  1. I SERIOUSLY would love to help. I love organizing messy rooms. (Give me someone else's unorganized house over my OWN messy life any day)

    Did you enjoy your time off??

  2. Sometimes I envy those housewives... with their gleaming floors and sparkling windows. Then I remember that's all they do. Or they're paying someone else to do it.

    I prefer the way of the turtle myself.

  3. I suspect that even if I was home all day I would struggle with it, as I do with anything that is a routine.

  4. that's good. Staying the course with any 'project' can be difficult to do...especially household issues.