Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just another day

I woke up with a dull headache. Must have coffee.

Ever since I came back from my doctor's appointment, I have been concerned. I haven't had much time to dwell on it, but I am a bit concerned.

I know now why I feel the way I do. It is not my thyroid. All the thyroid tests came back normal. But my estradiol levels are low, very low. I do not know why. The doctor wants me to take birth control pills to regulate my hormone levels. But first she wants me to do a pelvic ultrasound, because I complained of pelvic pain during my checkup. I go for this today.

I wonder if they will find something, and if they do, what it will be. I am a little apprehensive today.


  1. honey I am pulling for you. I hope whatever they find its treatable so you WONT have to feel this way anymore.

    Hugs, Love & Kisses.

  2. I hope that you will be fine and what you are feeling is just normal pre jitters before a test. Thank you for joining in the fun on my site.

  3. it is very good you are seeking a doctor. I am very bad at just letting things go. Hope all goes well for you

  4. Big hugs Ingrid. I'm sorry to hear it, but I also think that in some cases it's better to know than not know. Good luck with your appointment. Thinking of you today.

  5. I also hope it's nothing serious. Please let us know how it turns out. Thinking of you.

  6. Good thoughts, have good thoughts! It will be okay.