Monday, July 07, 2008


I see them at the store, and I have to have them. I have so many of them, and I can't seem to part with them. Some are old and full of creases where I have abused them. Others are brand new, waiting for my first touch. I love them all. I can't live without them.

What do you think I am talking about? The answer is hidden in the line below. You will see if you select the whole line with your cursor.
This will not work if you read my blog through a reader, so sorry about that.


  1. I can't resist a good book, either. I have a whole stash of them in the bookcase in my study waiting to be read. I know I shouldn't buy any more but when it comes to books I have no will power. The way you hid that was like magic - a real illusion!

  2. BOOKS! ARE THE BEST! I cant have enough either!! xxoo

  3. Book lovers are the best customers in the whole world! (And book sellers tend to be terrible business people. We are always tempted to keep the best bits.)

  4. I worked at several bookstores when I was younger, and I always spent way too much of my salary in books. It was so tempting, what with the discount and all.