Monday, September 15, 2008

We are alright

We survived Ike, we are fine and we got power back this evening. Paula's school sustained damage, we do not know how much or when is the school district reopening the schools. Isabel's daycare is closed too, I do not know for how long.

It took me an hour to fill up my tank with gas. Lines at the few gas stations that are open are insane. My part of town (NW Houston) got hit hard, more than we expected. But nothing compares to the devastation in Galveston and the coastal areas. My thoughts are with the many people that had to be rescued, and with those who have lost everything. Compared to them, our family was incredibly lucky not to sustain major damage. The pictures above show things I saw around my subdivision after the storm was over.


  1. I'm so glad you guys are ok.


  2. Whew. I'm glad you are OK. How terrifying for you all.

  3. HOLY MOLY. Oh Geez. These photos are awful.

    THANK GOD you guys are safe and sound. Whew.....

  4. Finally catching up on some blog reading. So glad you are ok. That all looks pretty bad.