Monday, February 09, 2009


We had a rather unpleasant thing happen to us at the supermarket yesterday afternoon.

We went to our local HEB with the girls. As we entered the store we passed the pharmacy area, minding our own business, talking to the kids. A couple was about to exit the aisle right by us, but stopped. Gabe heard the woman say: "Wait, let them pass. Those people scare me." I did not hear it. Immediately he told me, but he thought maybe he had misunderstood what she said or that she was referring to someone else.

We were talking about this and trying to figure it out when we entered an aisle as the same woman and man are leaving it. This time we both heard it loud and clear as she turned her back on us: "there's those people again!"

WTF??? My Puerto Rican blood boiled. I lost it and said "what a bitch" two times, loud enough for her to hear it (as loud as she had spoken before) as she quickly walked away. Gabe and Paula had to calm me down, because I was ready to go and give her something to really be scared about.

I was quite angry and confused. THOSE PEOPLE??? What the hell does she mean by that? What the hell was her problem? What did WE ever do to HER?

Was it because we had kids with us? She was alone with the man and looked to be in her mid to late twenties.

Was it because I am Hispanic, or because we all have dark hair and dark eyes? She was Caucasian, and a bottle blonde.

Was it because both Gabe and I are big and tall? She was no skinny type herself.

Whatever it was, it was based on our appearance. We had never seen that person before. It was absolutely gratuitous, and it totally ruined my afternoon.


  1. It wasn't your kids. It wasn't because you are Hispanic. It wasn't because you are tall. It wasn't you.... It was her and her narrowminded, sheltered, holier-than-thou mentality. People like her will get 10x's back what she gave out. What a miserable bitch!

  2. That's what Gabe said, she must be some narrowminded psycho. Un-effing-believable that she voiced it so loud for us to hear.

  3. I'm confused. How did she know you were a Democrat?

  4. Yup, I agree with above comment. It wasn't you, it was her.

  5. La palabra perfecta para lo que viviste es prejuicio. Te juzgaron antes de conocerte, hicieron un juicio previo. Es algo totalmente estúpido, de gente ignorante y de mente cerrada. O como dicen los otros comentarios, quizás la mujer es una total bicha.


    I. Enid

  6. I once overheard someone speaking in a language other than English start talking about how creepy my mixed race kids look with me. At least she didn't know I could understand her. Damn.

  7. Just unacceptable. She should broaden her horizons. Might do her some good.