Monday, February 01, 2010


I have a friend back in Puerto Rico whose Facebook status updates terrify me. He is an old childhood friend, just like family to me. He is in pain, and he posts messages that scare me, as if he has given up on life already. I wish I could change things for him, reach out and take his pain away. All I can do is send him messages saying I love him, and hope that it counts for something. I can't fix life for him, and it saddens me.

It's been rough for me lately too. There have been fights at home and sickness. I have strep throat, so I am on antibiotics. I need to be very careful this season lest I get sick like last year.


  1. I hope you dont get sick like last year, make sure to take ALL of your antibotics. Strep is awful.

    Im sorry to hear about your friend's sad/scary facebook updates. You're doing all you can by sending him positive emails.

    Ive been feeling rather blah as of late too. I think its the weather? Maybe once the sun comes back and Spring rolls in, we will BOTH cheer up!

  2. Oh, totally. This is the peak of Seasonal Affective Disorder.