Wednesday, May 23, 2007

If tomorrow you wake up with amnesia

Lori posted this on her blog and encouraged us to answer these questions if we so desired.

If tomorrow you woke up with amnesia:

What do you think you’d do firstly? Probably panic. I hate not knowing things, and not knowing your identity has got to be frightening.

Would you trust the first person who tells you about you (like a family member)?
Depends. I tend to be open and give people a chance. But I would trust my gut; even with amnesia I am sure I could tell if someone was bullshitting me.

You found out about a bad past.. would you still want to know who you really are? Yes, I would. Maybe the amnesia would help eradicate visceral emotional reactions and would allow me to see my life as an outsider would.

You fell in love with a foreigner from another country. would you take off with him/her and move on with your new life? Only if I had no existing ties (kids, husbands, sick relatives).

Your memory’s back! would you go back to old habits, or start your life afresh? I don't think I could completely go back to how I was before, but I would certainly go back to my family.

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