Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I had a stalker once, years ago when I was barely a teenager. He was the brother of a classmate of my older brother. His name was Eric and he was much older than us. I want to say he was maybe 25 at the time. He did not work. He lived with his parents. Something was wrong with him. It was very hush-hush, but I think it was schizophrenia. Behind his back, everybody called him Eric el Loco. He would come and hang out at my family’s little shop when I was working there, always looking at me with those too-intense eyes.


  1. Ooh as a teenager that would be totally scary. Did your parents ever notice that the look was too intense?

  2. Creepy. very Creepy. Did you ever have to file a restraning order?

  3. I had a stalker once. Well, I guess I still do. He is still stalking my blog. Some 'dude' that I refused to date when he tried contacting me on 'myspace'.... I denied him. Ever since my rejection, he feels the need to leave bazaar comments on my blog EVERY DAY... OVER a YEAR later.

    Every time he leaves some crazy comment it reminds me that my instincts were correct.

  4. In typical Puerto Rican fashion, my dad went to the guys' house and told him to lay off me or he would have to deal with him. Apparently the guy had a breakdown after that, and my brother got all pissed off at me because his brother was upset. Can you believe it? The guy disappeared for a while and then he reappeared and was supposedly over me. But I knew better; he kept on looking at me with the weird eyes, only more surrepticiously. Some time after that we closed down our store, so he did not have a place to stalk me and I never saw him again. Thankfully.

    Meleah, that sounds a little distressing. How do you feel about it after a year of stalking?

    I have been lucky that I have never had an Internet stalker. Well, at least as of today, maybe I should knock on wood.

  5. I think I need to impliment one of the wordpress tools and BAN him from my blog. blocking his IP address. I just have no idea HOW to do that yet.

    In all honesty, Im a little freaked out.

    I am REALLY glad I never went on a date with this person. Clearly he is that guy... "THAT GUY"... who would try (nd possibly succeed) to kill his girlfriend when (or if) she ever tried to leave him.


  6. I wish I knew how to do that stuff. But I found a link for you, Meleah.