Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Friday. What is my mood?

Has it ever happened to you that you wake up one morning and you don't quite know how you feel? I am at a crossroads today. I feel like the day could go either way: happy happy joy joy, or down in the dumps. Anxiety is lurking somewhere, waiting to be unleashed.

On the one hand, I am happy it's Friday. I have a long weekend ahead of me. But I think I will be busier than ever. As always, I put things off until the last minute. Last weekend I cleaned and dealt with piles of laundry, but most of the housecleaning is still pending. And Paula's party is tomorrow. I have been so tired during the week that I have not done much to improve that.

Also, I need to figure out what to do during Paula's party, if I need to come up with games or buy stuff to amuse the girls invited. Thankfully, the cake is being taken care of by the mom of one of Paula's friends, who makes custom cakes for a living. She is making a meerkat-themed cake for Paula.

And then there is work. So much to do! Many deliverables, many conference calls to schedule, many discussions to be had. Next week is going to be killer! My boss and several other people need me to prepare charts, slides, projections, provide answers. I have only been here for a little over a month and I felt like, other than my period in the hospital, I have hit the ground running. This is definitely a higher stakes job than my previous one. I only hope I am performing up to speed. My boss seems to be happy with me, and he has commended me a few times, but I need to keep on my toes.

So I guess my mood is anxious. But hopefully it will get better once I start accomplishing things.


  1. The party sounds like fun. Just some ideas for you if you like:

    Kaitlin went to a party where the mom took a picture of all the girls together and then she bought a white pillow case for each girl and they then put the picture onto transfer paper and then ironed it onto their pillow cases. It was a cool memory of the sleep over.

    We've also been to jewellery making parties where the girls all make friendship bracelets together.

    And another fun party idea was a party Kassidy went to this year where the mom made the cake but she didn't ice or decorate it. Instead all the girls did it themselves. She just put out little bowls of decorations and icing for them. Messy but fun.

  2. I totally know what you mean about days where things can go either way quickly! Like you're teetering on the edge of good day/bad day until something happens to push you over one edge or the other. I hope yours gets pushed to the "good day" side today!

    And a meercat cake sounds so cool!

  3. Oh Ingrid. I can see how there would be a lot of anxiety in the midst of all of this. I hope you can get away by yourself (maybe even a hot bath after the girls are in bed?) to reconnect with yourself and recenter. I know that always helps me!

  4. I know all about anxious.

    Ingrid - this is kind of off the post topic, but I want you to know I find you complex and fascinating. I truly wish we lived close to each other so I get get to know you better.

  5. I think I am going to need a hot bath/massage tomorrow night after the kids go to sleep.

    I love your ideas, Helen. I may go for the simplest one, the friendship necklaces. And I will also do silly stuff like pin the tail on the donkey.

    Laura, I can't wait to see the meerkat cake! I will make sure to post pictures.

    Thank you, Meghan. I have to say that's kind of how I see you too, so it's cool.

  6. Have you checked Micheals (or any other craft stores) for some craft kits they can do? Have fun.