Monday, May 07, 2007

Lotto Jackpot Dreams

My dear friend Julie, who suffers from insomnia, sometimes lulls herself to sleep by thinking about everything she would do if she won the lottery.

I also have my Jackpot Dreams. Who doesn't? And my dreams and Julie's are pretty similar. They start off with college or trust funds for our kids and investing for growth and security.

Where Julie and I differ is regarding family. She would definitely have more kids. I am not so sure I would. I am 38, and my last pregnancy took a huge toll on my body. I would think twice before going down that road.

What I do in my Lotto dreams is become a sort of venture capitalist, investing in small businesses by women and minorities. Sometimes I create a non-profit organization dedicated to providing school and college scholarships for Latino students of low-income families. Sometimes I move back home to Puerto Rico and invest in eco-tourism. Sometimes I just become a stay-at-home mom, writing about whatever catches my fancy, and taking care of my children.

One thing I consistently do in my Lotto dreams is travel. Travel everywhere. Go to Europe, which I have not done yet. Visit Pompeii, which always caught my attention as a kid. Travel all over South America. Visit Easter Island and the Galapagos. Go stand on the Great Wall. Buy an RV and spend a summer on a cross-country trip through the Continental US, really get to know the country I live in. Then pick the place I like the most, and move my family there.

So there you have it, my Jackpot fantasies. What are yours?

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  1. Yay Ingrid! I second you on the travelling. I would love to go all over the world, visit all the continents. Can you imagine all the wonderful food? I'd also love to go to all fifty states and see one major landmark in each.

    I really applaud your other ideas. You'd be doing something good with your time and energy and money!

    It would be profitable and interesting to invest in real estate. I'd love to buy homes, and renovate them to resell.

    Sigh. Someday!