Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad timing

Fenómeno, by Remedios Varo

Lately my stress levels are off the charts. There is too much to do, too little time. We finally closed on the home improvement loan, but do not get a first payment until Wednesday. The contractor did order the wood and we will not be charged until then. We are nowhere near done with the packing, and we need to figure out where to get the money to rent a storage facility and possibly a U-Haul. We have next weekend to move everything out. And we have not figured out where are we all staying (including my parents) while they do the floors.

I leave for California today. The timing of this trip is so bad for my personal life. And it is not so great for my work life either. I also am in the middle of projects at work that I will have to work on while I am in meetings. I get back Thursday night and Friday in the morning I meet with our Senior VP to review the results of a project. It just sucks.

I also feel bad about leaving the girls. I had nightmares last night, about bad things happening to them, or to me. I haven't even left and already I can't wait to be back home. And that is what sucks the most. I do not travel much for work, and every trip is usually something highly anticipated, a rare treat to be savored. And unfortunately, the stress and hectic pace of work/home have robbed me of that enjoyment.


  1. Hugs! Sounds like the California trip is for business -- but hope you're able to grab a few moments during your time away to enjoy a nice dinner or read a good book on the plane and unwind.

  2. oh honey...I feel you.

    HUGS. Good vibes and thoughts being sent your way.

  3. hugs...bad timing business trips suck dont they...well..make the best of it and hurry on home!

  4. oh man. I dont' have that much going on, but I certainly have a work trip next week that isnt' feeling like the best time for me either. ugh

  5. Ah...I hate it when that happens. I rarely get to travel for work and Bing travels a LOT. She often bitches about it and I tell her how lucky she is.

    But, timing is everything, yes?

  6. It's been pretty good so far, so I hope your trip next week turns out like this, Corey. I guess there is something about being someplace new or different that excites me, even if I don't party the night away.

    Maria, I think I enjoy it because it is so infrequent. I do not know how I would feel if I had to travel often and live out of a suitcase in a hotel. I know some people who do and they bitch about it, just like Bing.

  7. Even if the trip is business I hope you still find a way to enjoy it.