Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

I am curious. How many of you are aware of the Blogger's Choice Awards? Have you ever nominated any blogs? Have you ever voted for any blogs? Has your blog ever been nominated?

Today I nominated a bunch of my favorite blogs. I have never done so before, and I did not ask the bloggers if it was OK to nominate them. I hope they do not mind. I figured as a fan it was my prerrogative to celebrate the blogs I enjoy reading, so others can enjoy them too. Here are my nominees:

1- Momma Mia Mea Culpa

2- Greg's Brain

3- Just eat your cupcake

4- Murketing

5- El Ñame

6- Legión Miope


  1. I've been nominated and tried to nominate and vote, but I had a hard time doing it -- can't remember exactly what the problem was...

  2. Thanks, now I feel complete and can stop blogging.

  3. Aww...Oh My God! This is soooooo awesome!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!