Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Junk Mail from an e-mail account I have given up as lost

My very first e-mail account was with Yahoo, back in 1997 when I first started surfing the Internet. Back then I was naive and made the mistake of giving out my e-mail on some website where I was signing up for some information newsletter or other. My address was sold and sold and sold and I started getting spam in alarmingly large numbers.

These days I don't use that e-mail address anymore, but every once in a while I log into my account to check the 2,500 or so spam messages I get every month. Here are two of my most recent messages. Does this crap work on anybody? Who replies to these messages?

1- Tremendous Sav-ings Generous Selections Pharmacology. Acquire a humungous reduction on your pillstrustworthy characters, uppermost quality.monumental variety, including Hard to find drugs No RX due.

2- Alert: can't keep up with horny women family. Lenghten yer pen1s up to 3 supplementary cm!!


  1. Oh My God... I know all about these out of control SPAM emails.

    Drives me nuts!!

  2. Sin mentir, yo todos los días recibo ofertas para extender mi pene... go figure.