Thursday, November 15, 2007


As I mentioned sometime ago, we had plans to ripping out the carpet and putting wood floors in our home. Our house has about 60% of its area covered in carpet right now, and it's dingy and stained and frayed in parts where the cats have gone to town with their claws. We suffer from allergies and the carpets are no help. So we just got approved for a home improvement loan. We have a quote from our contractor, now we need to order the wood (it takes some time to get here) and schedule the install based on that and on the contractor's availability. We also need to find boxes, pack up and get a place to store our stuff while they install the floors. I don't think our garage will be able to store everything, so we may need to get a storage facility. There is carpet in the front room, the living room, all 4 bedrooms and the hallway. Packing the bedrooms alone will be an ordeal, as there is so much mess everywhere. My parents will be hre in the middle of all this, but hopefully by the time my brother gets here (December 21st) it will be all done.

I need to start getting ready for this, at least mentally, and I am not there yet. I still have not fully comprehended what is in store for the next few weeks, but just writing about it now has made it more real. Holy crap, I better get cracking.

We are getting bamboo floors. I did not want to feel guilty about chopping down trees so I could have a pretty walking surface. At least bamboo grows back. Plus, it's cheaper than other kinds of wood, and I love myself a bargain. Supposedly bamboo is not most homebuyers' cup of tea, but I could care less. I don't plan to sell this house anytime soon, and by the time we move, if we do, it might be trendy.


  1. Ouch. I know the PAIN of PACKING all too well my dear.


  2. oh my....the amount of work actually keeps me from doing such things as well.

    I love bamboo floors, so you have my vote. :)

  3. Have you considered those storage containers that come to you? They come drop them off in your drive way (or where ever you tell them to) and you load them up. It's a hell of lot more convenient than dragging your stuff to a storage facility. And it's safer. Some companies have tall wooden crates that are dropped off at your house, you load it up, and they pick-up and take to a storage facility. When you need your stuff back, you simply call them and they deliver it back to you. It's worth investigating if it's around you area. You don't need any added aggravation during the holiday season!!