Friday, November 02, 2007

Passing on Fiction Friday this week

I have been so incredibly busy with work and our domestic life the last few days that I have missed several of my favorite writing prompts. I am a fraid I will pass on this week's Fiction Friday challenge again. I don't have much time available, and I don't want to force the prompts into my Nanowrimo manuscript.

Nanowrimo started yesterday. I was not a horse running off the gate at 12:01 AM on november 1st. I have my outline ready and will start writing tonight. I am not following the rules to the letter anyway, in that my aim is to write a collection of short stories, not a novel.

I don't know what's going to happen. Will I be done by the end of November? Will I have written enough words to comply with their established word count goal? I'm not sure. I have a very modest personal goal. Instead of a whole book, if by the end of November I have one of my stories ready, one story I am proud of, something good enough that I could actually see myself submitting it for publishing, then I will feel like I have accomplished something. It may sound too minimal when compared to the idea of cranking out a 50,000-word manuscript, but crafting a good story is no easy task. I would much rather take my time to to get down the right words, and give me a chance to edit and rewrite, than just keep on puking words on a page with my eye on the word counter.

Is this self-defeating? Why am I second guessing myself? I joined the challenge because I needed a structural parameter to help me get started. The idea of a whole bunch of people writing during the same period appealed to me. Also, since signing up for the challenge I have been able to organize myself. I spent some time pondering what I wanted to do, I wrote an outline of the book, with the number of stories in the collection, their working titles, main plot points and what they are about. I had never done that before, so I can say that there is something I have gained already, regardless of my final outcome on Nanowrimo.


  1. Write Ingrid write! I wish you an awesome burst of November creativity!

  2. i threw a little "silence" into the friday fiction pot... but i am with you on this... the whole approach i have taken to the nano thing is.. "i can do this.. but i dont need your "winner " widget as a "prize" so if some of the rules are my own.. whatever..." you go girl,,do what you feel comfortable with!!!!!

  3. write. just write.

    dont even think about it or analyze it... JUST DO IT.

    dont obessess about making it 'perfect' either

    you can always EDIT / CHANGE thinsg later.

    hang in there!!