Thursday, November 08, 2007

Snapping out of it

Today is a much better day. For starters, I am back in the office. Being out of the house and in the company of other humans does go a long way towards getting me out of the funk. I don't even have to force myself to snap out of it; it's automatic. And even though my cubicle is tiny, I like claiming the space and getting settled in. Second, Gabe and I had lunch together. I love it when we have the opportunity to do that, which is not that often. Third, it's Thursday, always a good day. The promise of the weekend looms in the horizon.


  1. nothing like interacting with other adults and work..and lunch together..AND the weekend to bring ya back!

  2. Yup, I am thrilled about the weekend. And today I will have lunch with a dear friend, so it's going to be a good day again.

  3. I love when a GOOD day just falls into my lap and I don't even have to work for it to be a 'good day'...

    Im happy for you.