Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Autumn Leaves, by koalie

I am in California, and will be here in meetings until Thursday. On my way to campus this morning I saw beautiful fall leaves on the trees lining the streets. The morning was nice and crisp and the meeting has been very productive this morning. So I am in a good mood right now.


  1. That's good! Time away from home when things are hectic isn't actually a bad thing...

  2. It sounds as if you have found your quiet space....

  3. I am so happy that California is treating you well so far.

    Hows the Hotel Room they have you in? ... Ill check back later for updates

  4. Thanks. The hotel is alright, although it was a bit warm last night. I hope the A/C is behaving better today.

    We are done for the day and will meet tonight for dinner at a place called Cafe Torre (http://www.cafetorre.com/)

  5. welcome to my neck of the woods!!!

    PLEASE have some kind of relaxing/fun time while you're here...

  6. Maybe this little break will do you good! Too bad you aren't a little bit further to the east!

  7. I hope today (Wednesday) has also been a good one for you! I know you're eager to get back home to family, but a little time for yourself is good therapy. Have a safe trip back!

  8. Glad to know your trip is going well!

  9. I hope all is sill well out there in CA.

    (I dont know why I cant sign or post a comment as myself, or the way i used to anymore. I think blogger made some crazy changes. I only seem to have three options...

    1. my blogger / google account which I do not use

    2. Anonymous -Um No.


    3. nickname (which is what I used to sign this comment)