Monday, December 10, 2007

Bragging rights?

I saw this first on MPJ's blog (who got the same rating I did, deservedly so in her case) and decided to test my blog's readability level.

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Fancy that. English is not even my native language. I guess reading all those books has really paid off. While I enjoy an ego stroke every bit as much as the next person, I am curious as to what are their parameters to assign reading levels. I tested several of my favorite blogs, and the responses surprised me. I am not sure how accurate a representation this is.


  1. I personally like to believe that it has no merrit at all....but that might be because I keep getting "junior high" level. ugh....

  2. These things are likely to use very superficial measures. Your English is better than many native speakers, and I've never seen anything that would "give away" the fact that it's not your native language. From the couple of attempts I've made to express myself in Greek (even a single sentence is a serious struggle), I think you've every right to brag!

  3. On my blog I am a JUNIOR HIGHSCHOOL level. aka LOOSER blogger and its a miracle anyone reads my drivel.

    But I am a GENIUS on my TV blog

    Go figure.

  4. Like a lot of these testers (like the MPAA rating one), they only read the page and not the entire blog. So the posts that are served up today are what this rating is judging. You can put the URL of specific posts to see how each does individually.

    I actually like this idea, but as Brian O Vertanos say, it looks like it is using a superficial measure. It probably does a check on word or sentence length.

    Now I'm thinking about writing my own checker that can give some valuable information back. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Thanks, Brian.

    Mele, you are always a genius in my book. ;)

    I would definitely like to see you take a stab at a tool like that, Greg.

  6. well i am right there with meleah stuck in junior high,,, oh well,, at least no one can say i am linguistically lording anything over them can they?????LOL

  7. I think I may have told you this: I'd say it was random, but we're both geniuses, so it must be right. ;)

  8. hahahha

    yeay.... I am not alone...paisley is stuck in Junior High with me!

    Thanks Ingrid. You are positively a wonderful smarty pants yourself!!