Monday, July 14, 2008

Day from hell

It's been an awful day. I had intended to take the day off, so I could go to my doctor's appointment and do any follow up tests she ordered. Fat chance. I was at the doctor's office when the phone rang. It was work. Fires to put out. Drama. I am so tired. If it wasn't for the salary and benefits, I would have walked out on the job today.


  1. That's awful. I wish I could whack them for you.

  2. Sweety, I know that feeling. It was almost two weeks ago when I just about walked out of my own office.

    But, you need to put your health first right now, or you wont be any good to anyone at work, or for your girls.

    Maybe you can meet with your HR department and let them know that you are dealing with uncertain medical issues and need some extended time off to sort them all out and take all of the necessary tests?

    I dont know.

    I do know that you cant afford to miss doctors appointments right now.

    You better reschedule that appt. ASAP.

  3. I actually was able to see my doctor and she did my checkup, but once she was done I had to rush home to deal with stuff.

    I could not do any of the follow up stuff tests I knew she was going to give me.

    But I have made appointments for tomorrow and Thursday (pelvic ultrasound and nutrition consultation) and next week (mammogram). I will tell my boss I need to do this. He understands.