Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stage Fright

I am nervous this morning. I have a big presentation this afternoon.

I always get apprehensive when I have to speak in public, especially when it is in front of the big bosses. And the review is about a big issue that we have been working on for months, one that has a lot of visibility and about which there are strong, conflicting positions by two groups.

I can't shake the feeling that, no matter how fair and diplomatic I am, I will end up pissing off someone. Not much I can do about that, other than accept it.


  1. Oh Sweety. Good Luck if you didn't already do it. And if you already completed your presentation, I hope it went well??

    These things are really never as bad as we imagine they will be.

    And if nothing else embarrassing moments in our lives always makes for good back up blog material.

  2. Hi Ingrid, just came by to check how you are doing. Hope everything is well...Public speaking! You did ok, right?

  3. Everything is well. I survived. Now I am dealing with all the follow up actions from the meeting.