Thursday, September 11, 2008


There is a hurricane headed our way. I guess it hasn't sunk into my head yet, because I could not care less.

I did buy water yesterday at the supermarket, so I am not completely clueless. But I am not in a frenzied panic, getting ready to leave town. Since we are far from the coast, and we are not in a flood-prone area, maybe I am not as alarmed as the news breadcasts expect me to be.

The latest forecast says we could get winds as fast as 70 mph in my part of town. I will need to make sure I bring all my plants inside. The brick house can withstand a lot more than that, but we have glass windows, so I do not want to have things lying around that can turn into projectiles. At times like this, I miss the "Miami" windows we had in the house I grew up in.


  1. I live east of you, and it does look like this could be moderately bad news here, but we've opted to stay. Our city officials didn't call for an evacuation until this morning, so my husband and I had already prepared for riding out the storm here at home. My grandparents stayed through many hurricanes when they were alive and this was their home, so I believe we'll be just fine, especially since we did prepare for this. Good luck to you and your family, and that brick house really should provide good shelter.

  2. Vine para preguntarte sobre el huracán. Espero que no los afecte mucho. Tú eres una campeona en huracanes, como todos los que vivimos en la isla. De todos modos, mucha precaución.

    Un abrazo,


  3. Kelly, I hope you stay safe. Please do come back after the storm is over, if you have a chance, and let me know how you did.

  4. Gracias, Enid. Acá nos estamos preparando. En la zona de la costa ya hay crecida de mar que ha cubierto carreteras y se ve la cosa fuerte. Pero acá arriba la cosa no va a ser tan fuerte.

  5. My thoughts and wishes are with you all.... Please stay safe.

    Warm wishes ~ Graham :)

  6. I'm so GLAD you have a brick house. Now I have to google the phrase "Miami windows." :)