Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I lost two hours of my life last night watching Heroes

Heroes premiered last night. Two episodes. Two hours. Can you say L-A-M-E?

All the hype. All the promises that this new season was going to be different. All a bunch of b.s.

They are still doing the exact same crap they have always done. The story makes no sense because they continue to be excessively mysterious. It is a series of purposely vague vignettes. You have no sense that the story is moving forward at all, you just get mystery after mystery thrown at you. It's like a bad comic book series that resorts to nonsensical flashy tricks to extend its run for as long as they can, as opposed to having an actual story arc. One thing is to keep people guessing as a way to entice them to come back. Another is to have a story so murky that your audience gets bored and gives up. I do not want shock value and ratings-grabbing tricks. I would like to see a well crafted story, thank you.

The cast continues to grow. They are stretched too thin. I am not really interested in all these people. It would have been better if they had less characters that were more developed and were given something better to do than show up on screen for a few seconds.

And what is up with the Battlestar Galactica ripoff? A character that is dead suddenly comes back, but can only be seen by one character? Really? Could you be any less original?

I am not sure I will be watching anymore. The Terminator show is on at the same time, and it is much better than Heroes.


  1. Ive never gotten into Heroes. And after reading this post...I'm glad I didn't loose Two Hours of my limited free time to that!

  2. Ya empezó el nuevo season de Galactica? En qué canal?

    Estuve de viaje por 20 días... así que estoy medio perdida. Me pondré al día con tu blog pronto.

    Un abrazo,

    I. Enid

  3. Oh, no. Todavía no. Yo me estaba quejando porque los que hacen Heroes se están copiando de Galactica. Hay un personaje que supuestamente murió y ahora aparece de nuevo, pero solamente una persona lo ve.