Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pics

Attached are a few more pictures I took in the aftermath of Ike. Again, nothing compares to the monumental destruction that ocurred elsewhere in the Houston-Galveston area. But for our part of town, so far inland, I was really surprised by the intensity of the winds and the copious amounts of rain.

This is a water reservoir, basically a huge ditch, very deep and long, designed to collect water runoff from rain. It is usually just an empty pool, but when it rains a lot, it fills with water. This time it filled to the point that it almost reached street level. The rainwater started backing out into our streets because the reservoir was at capacity. I have never before seen it like this, and it scared me, because it would have taken very little for it to overflow. It basically is a lake now, and because this does not drain anywhere else, we now have to wait for the water to evaporate and pray it does not rain again soon.

The strong winds tore shingles off the roofs of many houses. In my house we need to get someone to come and check the roof. I think at least two shingles were blown off. But I have a one-story home, which is settled between several two-story houses. I think that sheltered me from more damage, like the kind several two-store houses got. In some houses, the wind tore down shingles until parts of bare wood were exposed. Some of these houses got water damage.
Below are two examples. I saw houses where the damage was far greater than the houses featured here.

Everywhere there were fences toppled over, as well as trees. Many of the trees in my subdivision are still young, and hopefully they can be straightened up and staked.

Here is Paula reading to Isabel on Sunday. Cabin fever and being together 24/7 has gotten to us a bit. The girls are constantly bickering, Paula has major attutide and Isabel cries if she doesn't get her way. I have been at my wit's end many times over the last few days. But at least there have a few times when they have gotten along, such as this one.


  1. Good Lord.

    While I am thankfully all of you are okay, I can imagine how the girls must be at each other and you are probably about to climb the walls with all of the bickering.

    hang in there sweety!


  2. Being confined indoors can be very trying. I'm glad there wasn't too much damage in your area but it still looks bad enough to me. So glad you are OK.

  3. Ouch, cabin fever, been there. Hope everything normalizes soon. Ike will probably go down as the most underestimated hurricane in history...