Friday, January 30, 2009

747 *

Several bloggers whom I follow have lately been questioning why do they blog, hinting at the fact that they may discontinue the practice, or stating that nowadays they do not blog for the same reasons that drove them to it in the first place.

That's cool. People should not continue to do something they no longer feel passionate about. I believe in doing things because they bring me joy (unless we are talking about work, in which case I do it to earn a living). That probably explains why my house is always a mess. I do not derive much joy from housework (shocker!).

On the other hand, to have a written record of a person's growth and evolution is also a very cool thing. We do tend to go through cycles, but there is always some lesson learned, some change from one cycle to the next.

* The title of this post refers not to the commercial airplane from Boeing , but to the number of posts I have generated since I started blogging in November of 2006.
I was quite bloggy on 2007, wasn't I? Obviously I had a lot of stuff to unload back then.


  1. Congrats on the 747th! (I love those planes.) Apparently we've started at the same time. Only I have, hmmm, lemme check, 514 posts?

    It's not easy to keep a (ok, loosely-named) "diary" but it is worth it, for the reasons named above. And I love the fact that most of the bloggers I like are still at it too. :)

  2. You've nailed it.
    'A written record of a person's growth and evolution.'
    So well said.
    That's why we should all keep on blogging, isn't it??

  3. I dont think Ill ever stop blogging. I like it way too much and its such a wonderful way for me to preserve my families stories.