Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The pendulum swings

It's a new day. I had a good night's sleep and made myself a nice cup of coffee this morning. I am sitting in front of the computer, and just finished rereading my last post from yesterday. Talk about depressing. Ugh. Downer!

Sometimes I wonder what readers will think of me. I alternate between posts showing happy pictures of my kids, and posts where I am in the throes of despair. Is my real life like that? Do I really oscillate between gloom and bliss?

Sometimes, yes. But not always. Often my life is more even-keeled. Absent is the gut-wrenching agony that oozes from certain posts. One might say that the reason I live a fairly normal life is because every once in a while I let the toxic runoff spill over my blog. But let's face it, other than my usual tendency to get depressed, I am incredibly lucky. In my daily life so far I have had the luxury of not needing to worry about violence or misery. For the most part, I am able to avoid intolerance of the political, religious or ethnic sort. The only reason why I am indulging in elucidations about my midlife crisis is because there are no more pressing matters vying for my attention.

One big thing that tends to be missing from this blog is humor. I have a dark and sarcastic sense of humor, but you would not know it from my writing. Humor helps me get through life. Well, that and my quasi-socialist rants about life in corporate America, which only Gabe and my mom get to listen to.


  1. Your readers think you are a REAL WOMAN, who works way too hard and is unmercifully honest. That's why we (I) come back.

  2. I think that it's normal for there to be some pendulum swinging. No one person can be expected to be up, up, UP all the time, even in their writing. Plus, while you were writing about a specific day bringing you down, it's not always that way. Writing about a place and time that were sad doesn't mean sadness at that exact moment.