Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three Day Weekend

Times like these make the daily grind worth it.

It's Saturday, and I can revel in the thought that there are two more days like this in store for me. No office, no work e-mails, no fires to put out. It makes me happy.

Isabel is watching a movie on TV. Paula is on the other computer, writing a short story. She has a sleepover tonight. Gabe is out, shopping. He is looking for a desk for his office.

As for me, I am taking it slow today. I have done some laundry and a load of dishes, but I am certainly not engaged in a frenzy of domestic activity. I am in a relaxed, thoughtful mood today. The first episode of Battlestar Galactica's final season premiered last night. It was a pretty powerful episode, and every so often my thoughts drift back to some little detail I may have missed, or a particularly vivid scene is replayed in my mind.


  1. Quedé sorprendida con el primer episodio de Galactica. Hubo algunas respuestas y otras preguntas sin contestar. ¿Los habitantes originales de la Tierran eran cylons?

    Me apenó mucho que eliminaran el personaje Dee. No me lo esperaba, fue realmente chocante. Y que Kara viera su propio cadáver... ¿cómo es posible?

    Está súper interesante.


    I. Enid

  2. Lo de Dee fue un shock increíble, me pareció muy realista. A veces quien menos esperamos, quien más opimista luce es quien decide tirar la toalla.

    He leído en varios blogs que hay muchas personas molestas porque Ellen es la última de los cinco. A mí me hizo sentido. Tengo mucho interés por ver cómo termina la historia.

  3. I'm glad you are having a relaxing weekend!