Friday, April 24, 2009


There are days when I truly wish I could get a break from my self-loathing tendencies. Why can't I be cocky and deluded like the rest?

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  1. Cocky and deluded would be a bad thing... it's willful ignorance about oneself, and it turns back to bite you eventually. But being aware of your faults, even if one of them seems to be a chronic inability to change them (I struggled with that in a major way for years, and still struggle with it some), doesn't mean you have to do the self-loathing thing. If you can love a relative who is a wonderful person but makes some really irresponsible choices; a spouse who rarely messes things up but it's always at the worst time when they do; a child who you know is a good, intelligent, talented, amazing kid but they go through frequent "bad attitude" periods... If you can love people like that, you can love yourself. You don't have to like everything you do. You don't have to shrug off failure and pretend it doesn't matter. You most certainly can get angry with yourself from time to time. But keep loving yourself.