Tuesday, January 05, 2010


When it comes to Facebook, Twitter and blogging, I simply get bored.

I don't like the silly Facebook applications.

I lack the frantic, ADD drive to share the slightest minutia, the brain diarrhea that seems to be required to thrive on Twitter.

I am much more attached to my blog, but I neglect it. I let the day to day grind keep me from taking time from something I enjoy. For a while I have been thinking that I should find some kind of imperative or structure to ensure I post regularly.

Nichole, one of my mommy board friends just created a new blog to document her progress on a self-imposed photography challenge. I loved the idea of the challenge: take and post seven photos each week for 52 weeks, gradually increasing the use of manual settings. So I have decided to join Nichole and accept the {seven}52 challenge. Anybody else wants to join?


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