Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am addicted to Gossip Girl. I resisted the show for two years, aware of its existence due to TV promos, Gawker recaps and The Soup. I had no interest in watching a show about rich, spoiled high school kids from the Upper East Side and their endless drinking and bed-hopping. Or so I told myself.

Then one day in late November I happened to be bored and watched a season 3 episode. I made fun of it, but kept watching whatever s3 reruns they were showing over the holidays. I ended up buying season 1 through iTunes and spent endless hours last weekend watching it. Paula rolls her eyes at me and does not buy my argument that I am watching it ironically, kind of the way I watched 90210/Melrose Place when I was younger. Gabe made fun of me for several days, but now he is Chuck Bass' biggest fan. He even came home last night with the DVD set of season 2!

It is hard to explain why I like this show. At one point during my season 1 marathon, Gabe looked at me and said: Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't these people the embodiment of everything you hate about American society?

Yes, they are. If I met these people in real life I would be bored by their vapid lives and I would resent their entitled ways. I would hate to live in such a female passive-aggressive, queen bee social environment. Yet I love the show. I just do.