Friday, March 26, 2010


As I drove Isabel to school this morning, an unexpected wave of sadness engulfed me. The song I was listening to must have triggered it, the reference point was something real, but the train of thought went off in a fictional direction. I started thinking of harnessing the sadness and writing a story about people who would be considered ordinary, living what would most of us consider ordinary lives, who actually aren't all quite there. I thought of the main plot points, I even pictured specific scenes. But I struggle to come up with the actual words. I fear I am flat and laconic in my expression nowadays, and that I will struggle to convey the complexity of these characters.

Maybe I just need to stop whining and get cracking on the story. I have been dreaming up variations of this for some time now, and always stop short of actually writing the thing. I wish I could have some time off to write. Maybe I need to take a weekend off from house and family, or a couple of vacation days from work. Sort of like an accelerated writer's retreat, where instead of a long sabbatical to write a novel, you get two days off to crank out a short story. Could be a good idea, if I get my husband to agree to keep the girls. I would have to go away, though. If I stay in the familiar space of my home nothing will get done.


  1. Here is a suggestion that works for me. Have a micro recorder with you at all times, it can come very useful when you start thinking about a story.

  2. I bought one two years ago and it sits in a drawer in my home office. I always forget to carry it with me.

  3. "Maybe I just need to stop whining and get cracking on the story."

    I could stand to do the same thing.

  4. Oh, please do it, Ingrid. It sounds like your muse is calling to you. You need to get that story out!