Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday: Random Thoughts

I got a new phone this weekend. It's an HTC Hero and it is my first smartphone. Up until now, I was a total Luddite when it came to phones. We had a very basic unit that one served for making phone calls. I am enjoying it so far, and although I have a lot to learn about it yet, I was able to download some apps and set up email accounts on the phone.

The phone has a twitter client and a Facebook app. I now have ways to be constantly connected, yet I am not sure that will lead to more posts from me. Twitter has always struck me an extremely solipsistic, and most of what I do on Facebook is comment on my friends' status updates.

I am running late. It is 8:10 and I have not gotten my kid ready for school. She is sitting in bed, watching cartoons. My oldest misplaced her keys and for some reason she is cranky with me over that. I don't want to go to work today. I wish I could stay home and sleep a little bit more. Oh, well.


  1. Lucky me had a chance to stay home sick today :-)

    Mine is a plain basic cell, only to call, receive and once in a while sent texts. I don't need a fancy cell with camera (my digital still works great), and I don't want to be always connected to the net. I am already hooked as it is, lol

  2. I barely use my Twitter account, but I LOVE being able to access Facebook from my iPhone.

  3. Kofla, that is exactly how I was, but then got excited about the Android phones. Plus, I like the idea of using my phone as a GPS device for driving directions, or to find a restaurant or a movie using apps.

    Meleah, I never use my Twitter. Once day I may just close the account.