Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Blog Facts

Number of posts published in 2007: 461

Busiest months:
July (73 posts)
September (65 posts)

Slowest months:
January (6 posts)
March (11 posts)

Average number of visits per day: 26
Average visit length: 2:05

Top keywords bringing visitors to the site:
boricua ass (sickos!)
Puerto Rico pet massacre
Ramona te quiero (the song)

My favorite posts of each month:

It was difficult to choose a post from each month of the first half of 2007. Most posts were brief journal entries, not the sort of writing you like to reread or quote.

January: Dreaming of Red Rocks
February: Writing samples
March: Frustrated aspiring piano player
April: Easter Sunday 2007
May: Lotto jackpot dreams

I think I started to hit my stride in June of 2007. It was hard to pick just one post per month for the second half of the year.

June: Love evolves; Tradiciones; Oh to be a work of art
July: The wounded; Meme en dos lenguas; Even in Texas I get "La Atalaya"
August: End of an era; The difference between Gabe and I; Celibacy
September: Fiction Friday - Gene; Three Word Wednesday; Melanophobia
October: Non-fiction Friday - Chequi Morena; Casting; Sunday Scribblings - Hospitals
November: A search led you here; My first boyfriend
December: Last Stretch


  1. I find stats really fun. You have been so prolific! The keywords that bring traffic to my blog are much sicker than yours -- be thankful!

  2. As a new reader I am going back to read some of your older posts. The titles are intriguing. What a busy year you had!

  3. Wow... I have been blogging since 2006 and still haven't managed 400 posts! :)

  4. It always amazes me when I travel down blog memory lane.