Saturday, February 23, 2008

Maybe it's not quite diabetes yet?

On my visit to the doctor's office yesterday, the practitioner said I had diabetes, and prescribed Metformin. But I am not sure I agree that I am diabetic yet. For one, while my initial fasting blood test showed a 127 mg/dL result, subsequent blood sugar readings in the last few days (both fasting and postprandial) were elevated, but fell within the parameters listed below:

A fasting blood glucose level between 100mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter) and 125 mg/dL is the accepted range for a diagnosis of prediabetes. The normal fasting blood glucose level is 100mg/dL and the cutoff for diagnosis of diabetes is 126mg/dL or above. A reading of 100mg/dL can be thought of as 0.1 g of sugar for every tenth of a liter of blood.

The OGGT additionally requires a blood glucose test two hours after drinking a sugary drink, which a health care professional can provide. The two-hour blood glucose range for someone with prediabetes is between 140mg/dL and 199mg/dL.

Twice my fasting sugar has been 121, and the two-hour reading after eating was 189. Both of these seem to be more indicative of pre-diabetes than diabetes.

Where am I going with this? While I am fully aware that I have a health problem, I do not think it is full-fledged diabetes yet. It is important for me to make that distinction, especially since I am going to try to get this under control through a change in eating habits and an increase in exercise. I do not want to rely on medications. I was prescribed Metformin, but I do not want to take it because of the potential side effects. I do not want to run the risk of getting hypoglycemia.


  1. *hugs* Ingrid. I hope that diet can control it. I know next to nothing about managing diabetes, but I'm here for hugs whenever!

  2. quite a few years ago,, right about the time everyone and thir brother was being diagnosed as type two diabetes... my boyfriend at the time was diagnosed as such and got one of those blood sugar monitors...

    we both tested our blood before and after meals and every single time mine was remarkably higher than his... tho i had not then nor have i to date ever been diagnosed as any form of diabetic...yet i was never one to take my doctor at his word,, i always did my own research and disputed him on anything that i found disputable.....

    after a month or so of doing our own testing,,, he decided against further treatment,, and as luck would have it i just received and email from him recently,, and he has never medicated,, and funny thing is... isn't diabetic anymore???

    can anyone hear the drug companies sounding off in the light of that little discovery?????

  3. Oh crap, Ingrid, that’s so scary. I understand your's not really about the disease, but about the immobile fear of change that freezes us into a state of inaction.

    You're going to be ok because this is one of very few diseases that is REVERSIBLE....I'm afraid of diabetes. I love my carbs SO MUCH and exercise, not so much.

  4. Yeah, Paisley, it doesn't surprise me. That is why I refuse to take the Metformin. I read more about it and it turns out Metformin interferes with the body's absorption of several key vitamins that are crucial for glucose control. In other words, by taking the pill I would be stopping my body from doing the work by itself. No, thank you. I'll take my chances with diet and exercise alone.

    This morning I woke up and measured my fasting blood sugar. It was 108. Last night after dinner I measured and it was within range too. I think if I continue what I am doing (not pigging out, eating more sensibly), it will be OK.

  5. Oh shit....well PRE is better than FULL BLOWN right? at least for now?

    How scary and nerve racking.

    *hugs n kisses*