Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An ordinary life

I have not been inspired to write lately. I have been quite busy with work and daily life, and I have not found much time to either blog or read my favorite blogs.

We continue with our efforts to lead a healthier life. We are eating veggies and fruit everyday. We are eating breakfast and small snacks. Our dinners have gotten smaller and we are not snacking uncontrollably in the evening. We are buying organic whenever we can, and we are avoiding ready-made foods as much as possible. We are also walking at least four times a week. We are bringing a lunch bag to work every day and have not eaten out in a long time, other than the ocassional skinny latte from Starbucks. I don't miss it.

Other than my heel pain, I have been feeling pretty good about all this. Every time I check my blood sugar, it is within the normal range. I feel calmer and more energized. I am excited for what the future holds for us if we continue on this track.


  1. Thats the best news Ive read in a long time. I am so happy eating right and that exercise is helping you feel better.


    Keep Up The Good Work. You will write when your body is ready to write.

  2. Me alegra que te estés sintiendo mejor. Los cambios toman tiempo y es natural que no siempre hagamos todo perfectamente. Pero vas a ver que poco a poco y al ir sintiendo los resultados en tu salud, estos cambios serán parte natural de tu estilo de vida.

    Un abrazo fuerte.


  3. It is good to have a break from blogging from time to time. WOW. I am so impressed by your dedication with the diet and exercise. Good on you!