Monday, July 07, 2008

Overcast, 30% chance of freakout

Last night my cycle started. I felt it necessary to warn Gabe.

I said: "If I am freaking out and cranky tomorrow, you will know why."
He responded: "Or it could be that it's Monday and you'll get grumpy because Mondays always suck."

I loved that answer. It makes me realize I should not take this so seriously. I do not want self-fulfilling prophesies.

I went to the lab this morning. My doctor had wanted me to get some blood tests done to measure all kinds of hormones. We'll see what they find.

I feel funny this morning; not mad or sad, just strange. Maybe a bit on edge, maybe just more mentally tired than usual.


  1. Hormones suck...I went to my doctor last week and my TSH levels haven't budged in ALL this time. Which means a meds adjustment, which means back to feeling like shit for another 2 months...

    Hope you make it through yet another Monday...

  2. Oh, no! Sorry to hear that. I hope it does not get too bad. Many hugs to you.

  3. Those fluctuating hormones plague us, don't they? I must admit that sometimes I get a bit sick of them. Hormones and Monday-itis - can it get any worse? Hahahaha. Hope it wasn't too bad.

  4. True, but it can't hurt to be prepared for it emotionally.

    For example, it's not unheard for women to even feel suicidal during that time of the month. This can be very scary if one is not aware of the possibility.

  5. This is true. I have been very conscious of how my mood is unfolding this time around. It seems to have helped keep it in perspective, but it's still early enough to lose it if the right trigger comes along.

    It is just so tiring and it gets so boring, to have so much inward focus.

  6. It is just so tiring and it gets so boring, to have so much inward focus

    It's good you feel that way. One of the biggest dangers is staying stuck in this phase. If it bores you it means you're just going to learn from this and move on.

    Eventually the thought process will be automatic - I feel this way...oh it's because of that. Ok.

    It will be easier to shrug it off.

  7. I really hope so, Amanda.

    I am seeing my doctor on Monday. She got the results from my blood tests and called to make sure I made an appointment. I hope we are closer to diagnosis and that there is anything that can be done. If it turns out I am going through premature menopause, I am not sure I want hormone therapy. My mom was on that for years, and we believe it is what cause her breast cancer.

  8. Oh no. My mother went through premature menopause and eventually breast cancer too. Will have to ask her if she had any hormones.

    I hear there are some great natural alternatives...