Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tuesday afternoon

My eyes are bothering me. I think they are kinda dry, and my vision has gotten blurry, so I am wearing my glasses today. They are reading glasses for when I work on the computer, but usually I do not need them.

Along with my eyes, my brain is fuzzy today. I have been flirting with a headache all day. I feel quite tired. I am definitely going to bed early tonight.


  1. It might be allergies. I woke uo with sticky glue eyeballs and a sinus headache.


  2. I wish it was that, but allergies tend to make my eyes itchy and teary, not dry.

    I am convinced it's the whole hormonal thing, Meleah. I have been keeping track of when symptoms show up and what they can be.

    I got a call from my dr.'s office last evening. They had received the results of the lab tests from Monday, and the doctor wanted to make sure I scheduled a visit as soon as possible to do my well woman exam and discuss the results.

    I did not get any advance info in the call, but I gather the tests showed some irregularities.

  3. Um. That is scary. I dont like the sound of that phone call either.

    Its good that you are keeping track of your symptoms. Hopefully it will be something thats easy to deal with.

    Ever need to talk? Feel free to shoot me an email.


  4. Oh, I will probably take you up on your offer by Monday. I am a little aprehensive. I have been googling my symptoms and it can be anything from hypothyroidism to perimenopause to menopause to endometriosis (yikes).

  5. Yikes is an understatemnt.

    you can reach me at any of the following email addresses:



    mhawthorne@globalindemins.com (work)

    Thinking of you and wishing you well.