Monday, April 20, 2009

Out of air

I am convinced breathing problems are a key element behind my weekend freakout. I have been struggling to breathe lately, but I tend to forget how bad it gets. Lately I am severely congested, my chest feels tight and I find myself reaching for the albuterol inhaler several times a day.

This morning I almost had a panic attack in the space of time between dropping my oldest daughter at school and taking my youngest to daycare. My vision blurred, I felt dizzy and had difficulty expanding/contracting my lungs. My head felt stuffed and heavy. At the stop sign outside the elementary school, I lowered my car window and took two puffs from the inhaler. My youngest complained about the window, said it would make her cold. All I could say was: "mommy is having trouble breathing, sweetie, and the window down helps her feel better."


  1. ((((((((((Ingrid)))))))))

    Sounds like high time for a thorough physical examination.

  2. I know what it is, Amanda. I have just been putting things off. It's a combination of weight (I gained back the 35 lbs. I lost last year) and allergies (Spring is always back for me and I neglected to take my regular meds for a few days).

    I just need to give my health priority, which I sometimes forget to do.

  3. Your health is important, Ingrid! I know from personal experience how scary it is when you can't breathe. And those blessed inhalers will make you feel dizzy and disoriented if you have to use them frequently. I fight allergies and asthma too, and of course weight and stress aggrevate both conditions. Start with a visit to the doctor to see if your asthma meds need adjusting. I got put on a new one a year ago that has made all the difference. I rarely need to use my inhaler now. I hear you on the weight too. Let's get back to workin' on it so we will feel better and be happier! :-)

  4. Could it be allergies? Mine have been THAT BAD. I think you are due for a Doctors Visit.