Friday, July 24, 2009

The breatless chronicles, day 205

Well, what do you know? The last couple of days have been great. I have slept well and have not experienced any major issues. I have not been struggling to breathe. There is hope for me yet.

I have been careful not to eat too close to bedtime and not to eat too much at night. I am trying to make breakfast and lunch my biggest meals so I am not too hungry at dinnertime. I am also more mindful of overeating. I am trying to minimize the effects of acid reflux and its effect on my asthma. It seems to be working.

I continue to do breathing treatments, but I need them less. I continue to do the corticosteroid therapy with the nebulizer, but only down to one per day as opposed to two. I have not needed the bronchodilator therapy for two days. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's just hope it's not a train.


  1. I am really, really pleased to hear that. One day at a time, hon. Look after yourself XXX

  2. Oh I am happy to read this! I know how easy it is to become despondent when it feels like things are getting worse and worse. I love the "train" comment at the end, your sense of humor is returning and that's a very good sign!

  3. These are good news! I hope it continues, too. :)