Sunday, February 04, 2007

Adventures in doll making, II

Here's the finished product of my first doll-making attempt. This will be a doll for Isabel. For a first-timer, I think I did not do that bad.

This is my second attempt, a doll for Paula. I cut it bigger and decided to follow the instructions and tie the arms, legs and head to close them, instead of stitching (which rendered the first doll flat). This one took me a lot less time to make. I finished it less than an hour ago and Paula loves it.


  1. Oh, I love them!

    Can I commission you to make a doll for Xan? I think every boy should have a doll. :)

  2. If you really want one, it will be an honor for me. Let me know.

  3. Yes - I totally want one!

    Oh, I'm excited now. :)

  4. INGRID! Those are darling. Nice work, mama!!