Tuesday, February 20, 2007


If you have visited my blog in the last couple of days, you will notice that I keep on switching templates and changing colors. Form is as important as content in communicating who you are, and I have not yet found the form that would make me go "aha!"

I have not found a template that satisfies me, and my knowledge of HTML is not so deep that will allow me to create a template from scratch. So I will continue to play with the layout and tweak whatever templates I find until I find something I am comfortable with. Thanks for putting up with it.


  1. I wish I knew how to create layouts too. Kristi is super good at doing that sort of thing if you want to ask her. I'm sure she wouldn't mind helping out......:~)

  2. Oh I meant to add that I LOVE the pink!

  3. Change is good.

    I can change simple stuff like the colors, and custom blog headers.