Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mi gente

Thursday I received a visit that brought back memories.

When I started working for Big Computer in 1997, I was at the Puerto Rico office. This was prior to the big merger, and we were a small, seven people team in an office in Hato Rey. The person who interviewed me and recommended they hire me was the Service Manager. His name is Wilfredo.

Wilfredo and I are the only two people left at Big Computer from those original Puerto Rico seven. We both had relocated to Texas from Puerto Rico to work at the Latin America regional headquarters. Wilfredo then relocated to South Florida a few years later. Last week he was in Houston for meetings, and we met to say hi and chat for a bit. That was nice. I had not seen him in at least 5 years and we updated each other on our families. I asked him about the move to South Florida (he does not like it) and we also talked about some of our mutual friends, and about the politics of our old Latin America group.

The visit made me reconnect with myself, with a part of my past, and I was grateful for that.

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