Friday, June 22, 2007

Persistence of vision

Last summer we took a road trip from Houston to Las Vegas. While we were in Vegas, we had the opportunity to see The Blue Man Group live at the Venetian Hotel. It was truly an amazing experience. The videos posted below can not compare to the live show, but at least give a glimpse into their act.

I would love for Paula to see their show. They came to Houston sometime in late 2006, but I wasn't able to take her then. I think it was during one of our financially lean periods.

Now that Paula is going to Orlando, I am campaigning with my parents to get them to take her to see the Blue Man Group show at the Universal Orlando Resort. For a kid Paula's age, that is the type of experience that leaves a mark all her life. But my mom is so fickle, and if she is not interested she is incapable of going for the benefit of someone else. So I very much hope she would get interested, but I fear she might not.

Blue Man Group in concert:


  1. My Grandma lives in Vegas, she LOVES this group! I hope Paula is able to go!!

  2. I love them, Ingrid! I saw them years ago on one of the morning TV shows. Josh would love to go see them. I hope Paula gets to go - she'd love it!