Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The more I blog, the more comfortable in my own skin I start to feel. I am not there yet, but lately I have been more and more interested in tweaking with the blog and posting random links to web places that are interesting to me.

This week I went ahead and registered my blog in four places: puerto blogs, technorati, blogflux and the mom blogs. Do I want more readers? Maybe. Remember I am a frustrated aspiring writer. In this day and age, if you are a writer without readers it is because you are not seeking them. But I am not looking to recruit a legion of readers. This is a personal blog, not a blog for profit or a blog as a career. This is what I do as a compulsion, the most personal of my daily tasks. This is where I pour my heart out, how I communicate to my friends what goes on in my life.

I have great friends, women who have been with me on a shared journey of pregnancy and motherhood for the last three years. They are kind enough to check what I post and give me words of encouragement when I need them. I love them.

But sometimes I think about all the friends that I have loved and lost, all the people who were once important in my life and with whom I have lost touch. I am putting my blog out there to make it possible for them to find me, whether they are looking or not.

Of course, as an island-born and raised Puerto Rican woman whose native language is Spanish, but who writes primarily in English, putting my blog out there could cause me some grief. I know there are people who frown upon the language issue, as if somehow writing in English is turning our backs on who we are. Because of this, I was slightly hesitant to register my blog at these places. But then I thought, so f_ing what? My blog is what it is. I am not forcing anybody to read it, but I want my friends to be able to. My mancha de plátano (stain of the plantain) does not fade no matter what language I write in.


  1. You're such a natural at this blogging thing, Ingrid! I always really enjoy your posts. I hope you can connect with some old friends, and discover some new ones as well, as you keep sharing here. :)

  2. I totally agree with Laura. This comes naturally for you - you are so identifiable as a writer. I always look forward to what you post!

    I understand searching for that balance between not caring who reads your entries and seeking out a readership. It's challenging! But it's a challenge shared by many blogarinas out there.

    I feel I have gotten to know you SO much better through reading here.

    (And I keep meaning to tell you - I LOVE that soap you gave me! So luxurious. And D loves, loves, loves the bag it came in. It's her fave purse/stuffed animal carrier!)

  3. I, too, always enjoy your blog. I am happy to be a part of this! L(

  4. You would never know that you haven't been blogging for years!! It took me a little while to figure out how comfy I was and what I wanted to share. Ultimately I have decided that I blog for me, for my keepsake of memories and emotions. I love that I have readers, but ultimately I just really love blogging. :) This is a great site!

  5. 2 big thumbs up, Ingrid! You already know I am a fan... and if you choose to blog in Spanish or English, count me in... although my Spanish is rusty at best, spotty at worst!

    You know I will be there.... :)