Sunday, September 09, 2007

Palomas del Viejo San Juan

Browsing through Flickr I found this picture by a Puerto Rican photographer. Instantly, two things came into my mind:

1- Hitchcock's movie, The Birds.

2- Memories of Old San Juan and the swarms of pigeons that live there.

I used to love chasing those pigeons as a child. There is even a little park called "El parque de las palomas" (Pigeon Park), where you can feed them, and if you are a little kid, chase them all over the place like I used to do.


  1. The sweet memories of childhood innocence - if only we could go back to that time for a visit now and then!

  2. That's a stunning photograph. And it evoked similar thoughts for me: Hitchcock's movie and childhood pigeons (but in New York)!