Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sunday Scribblings- my name is Lola

Hi, my name is Lola. I was born sometime in late April 2001, we don't know the exact date. My human patron found me at the Houston SPCA shelter. I was eight weeks old at the time. I share my house with Mister, who is like my surrogate dad, and with four humans of various shapes and sizes.

I like my humans, although they have a bad habit of closing their bedroom door, as you can notice in the picture. I like my house, it has lots of high shelves and places to climb on. It also has lots of goodies I can chew on, like those things at the tip of the window blinds cords. I like to sit at the windowsill and watch little birds flutter around. What I would do if I could only go outside.


  1. Lola is BEAUTIFUL! I had a black and white cat like this for many years. LOL at being shut out of the bedroom - we finally had to resort to that too. Stormy made a great bed companion and would curl happily at my feet and go to sleep. Smokey, on the other hand, demanded playtime at all hours of the night by nipping at any fingers that were outside of the covers, and if that didn't work, he'd plop on my chest - all 18 pounds of him, with his face an inch from mine, so I could inhale cat breath! Phew! :-)

    Great post, great intro to Lola!

  2. Sweet scribble. I love the picture of the lovely Lola.

  3. she looks like a treasure.... i have indoor dogs and outdoor cats... they aren't to awfully lovable unless i have food in my hand....

  4. She's adorable, what lovely eyes! I like her describing you as her 'human patron'.