Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three Words

This week's words are:

What a busy day I have had. In the morning I checked Bones' blog and got the 3WW prompt. The first and second words brought images to my mind, but I have been so incredibly busy at work today that I have not had a chance to develop anything. So I am just going to post whatever comes into my mind in the next couple of minutes.

Ambiguous: My last two years in college I was very involved in my university's Honor Studies Program. It was there that I met the guy who would be my best friend during that period. We became inseparable, best friends. We got elected student representatives and hung out together all the time. I was quite taken with him, and developed a crush on him. He was gay, and had not officially come out yet. Yes, I know. How Will & Grace of me. But this was not a sitcom, it was my life. In hindsight, it was quite obvious he was gay, but at the time I was in denial. He was struggling with his demons and not ready to come out. He liked to be ambiguous, and so he courted my adoration as a sort of cover.

Nine: Paula, my oldest daughter, is nine years old. I sometimes marvel at how fast she is growing. Just writing this sentence made my eyes water.

Slept: Once, when I was a kid, a parranda came to our house during the Holidays. I slept through it and missed out on the fun.


  1. Always something interesting to learn around the blogsphere. Here I learn about parranda. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - writing is writing even if it's not a story but just words you want to say.

  2. Excellent post! This really reminds me of the good old days when I was in college and we'd be given writing assignments like this.

  3. i cannot believe your parents let you sleep thru the parranda visit!!!! that seems to me to be a once in a life time thing!!!!

  4. Yes, I know. How Will & Grace of me. But this was not a sitcom, it was my life.

    I half laughed, half cringed, because I was thinking the same thing. Often times, there are things that happen to me that, on TV, I would enjoy, but in my own life, not so much.

  5. I did not know about parranda! Thanks for this info.

  6. I had never heard of a parranda. I was thinking it was a wild animal ( by the context in the story.) It was interesting to click the link and see what it really was.

  7. I like the way you used the prompt words to pen feelings/events that came with each word. Nice post!

  8. Thanks, Sue! I almost did not write it and then decided to use the words as prompts for memories or random thoughts. I had fun with it.

    Writerwoman, a good parranda almost takes a life of its own. Sadly, changes in the housing situation in Puerto Rico (i.e. gated communities) have taken away some of the element of surprise that was so fun about them.

    paisley, the last parranda I had the opportunity to participate in was in 2003. It's one of the things I miss the most about Christmas in Puerto Rico.

    gautami, I am glad you learned something from my blog. I like to give out little details about Puerto Rico in my posts when I can.

  9. I was once in a very similar "ambiguous" relationship, Ingrid. I don't know if I didn't know or I didn't want to. In retrospect I'm glad that's what it was, never would have worked out in the long run, but did teach me what it was like to have a friendship of that intensity.

  10. After he came out and I was with my ex, my friend once told me that I was the closest he had come to loving a woman. It was an important relationship at the time and was part of my passage into adulthood.

  11. I've known a couple of girls who had similar ambiguous experiences in the past :)

  12. I loved your honesty with the three words. I am sorry your friendship couldn't develop into more, at the time. The tears will keep filling your eyes as your daughter gets older. I think it is worse when they are a teenager because you have the extra worries of them driving, dating the wrong person, leaving home for college and getting married, to name a few. I'm sorry I got off on a rant.
    Anyway, I also learned something new. I didn't know what parranda was either. I am sorry you missed that one.

    Have a nice night.
    Michelle Johnson

  13. Doesn't every girl have a Will & Grace moment at some point? For me, I think the beauty of it was that I somehow sensed how safe it was... so I flirted and practiced sexy for all I was worth, and had a blast with the guy at dances, and I never worried he'd take it too far, or that I'd break his heart (or he mine) when we eventually parted.